5 Cozy Must-Haves for the Winter Season

Baby, its cold outside and it is time to prepare your home for that season change. Here we will provide the top 10 must-have home accessories that should be in everyone’s home this winter.

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets.jpg

The best thing every is wrapping up in a warm blanket while watching television, reading a book or even taking a short nap. Since there is a slight chill outside have a nice furry, knitted or heated blanket is key. Save some money on that heat bill and snuggle close to your love ones.

Jar Candles


Jar candles are a true essential to have this winter time. Not only does it give out great aromas, it also gives you that sleek romantic vibe with the flicker of the fire at night time. Some great scents to try this winter are: Spicy Cranberry, Forest Pine, Sugar Plum & Vanilla Gingerbread. These scents are great for the winter season and up and coming holidays.

Mugs + Hot Cocoa


We have approached the season to break out the hot cocoa. Gather a nice large mug and your favorite hot cocoa and toppings and even a drink with your family and friends. It not only tastes great, it keeps you nice and warm from the inside out.

Plush Rugs

plush rug

A plush rug feels great on your feet for those cold mornings. Rugs are great for hardwood floors and can even be added as a accent feature if you have carpet. I love furry rugs, this is a cost I would invest in. Not only is a rug a great aesthetics piece it also has purpose.

Entertainment + Food 


This is the best must have for any season but especially in the winter. Who really wants to go out in the snow to have fun? Not me! Once I am in the house, I would like to stay in the house. There are many different activities you can do at home. You can binge watch your favorite TV shows or watch the latest movie. You can get into crafting (great craft ideas are on Pinterest). You can get even more creative and invest in making some new dishes (win win!). There are limitless things you can do at home, there is no reason to be bored in your own comfort zone.

living room 1.jpg

Picture this: You’re at home, relaxing on your plush rug wrapped in your fuzzy throw blanket, sipping hot cocoa, eating junk food, watching a great movie with a nice sugary plum fragrance that is lingering in the air. Oh yes, that is my type of night!

All photos were retrieved via Pinterest. 

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