Manifest Your Goals: Vision Board

A simple yet efficient design to not only add some decor to your home but also will also help kick gear you to make your dreams and goals become reality. Out of sight, out of mind does NOT apply to here. Here is what you need, It’s called a “Vision Board”. A Vision Board is a visual canvas of pieces of pictures that symbolizes what you want out of life. For example, if you want to go on a vacation, you will place a picture of a an island, cruise, airplane, train etc… that you want on your board. By looking at this board everyday, you see that want, and begin to work on making it come true.

When you see people do vision boards they usually take a paper board and cut out magazine clips and stick it to the board for their visual inspiration. Being the person I am, I wanted to make my vision board part of my home decor and decided to do an a modern version of a typical vision board. I went for a simple yet chic wire vision board. Now as a single mom, I have limited funds so with the vision board, I plan on spending only $20.00 to make the entire board happen. If I spend less great, but it should be no more than that. This is the time I would research items only and then start the process of going out to buy the best yet less expensive items and get to work.


These are the items that you can use to make my version of an chic vision board:

  • Cooling Cookie Racks
  • One Can of Spray Paint (if you do not like the colors of your cooling racks)
  • Box or Bin to Spray Paint Your Rack Pieces
  • Wooden Mini Clips
  • Paint & Paint Brushes
  • Command Hanging Strips or Tacks
  • 4×6 or 5×7 Photos (you can get theme developed at Walmart, Target, Walgreen’s, Fed Ex, etc…. or do them from home with your color printer).
  • Any decor like flowers, string of led lights, decor clippings, etc….

This project is fairly simple. It takes only  1 to 1/12 hours and that is all because of the drying time. After I gather all my items, I started with spray painting my trays. I did three coats to make sure I got it colored as much as possible since I did not have a primer. The spray paint I used had a matte finish and it came out to a soft pink color which I love!


While this was drying, I moved on to painting my wooden clips. Spray painting these will be better but if you are on a budget, then those craft paint from Walmart for $0.50 will work just fine.


Once the trays are dried, I began to place them on my wall and stuck clear tacks into the wall to hold them up. I decided to go with a vertical angle based off how my wall was set up but you are able to rotate this however you would like.


Lastly, aligned your photos the way you would like. Once you have the order figure out, you take your dried wooden clamps and position them on the boards with the photos.


A little hint on my goals I place my 1 year goals on the top tray, my 3 year goals on the middle tray and my 5 year goals and inspiration quotes on the bottom tray.


The top tray from left to right shows my 1 year goals is to graduate from college, start dating, become my spiritual, focus more on interior decorating (eventually Interior Design) and eating healthier.

The second pier is focusing on strengthening my family, building my own container home, having excellent credit (working on that now but by year 3 I should be there and consistent) and find inner peace.


The last tray is finding happiness within myself and surroundings, self assurance, reach my ideal weight loss size (another goal that I am working on now but by year 5 I will be successful in it), embracing my heritage, getting more rest and going on a vacation.



This new piece of decor for my home is super cute, it makes a statement and was a great late night DIY. This project came under budget at $14.00 and is something that I will use for a while. I can always added more pieces light lights, flowers, or another tray to it to add ideas later on. The goal for this DIY is to motivate myself and others to do a board so you can manifest your goals and dreams in life and make your reality flourish. Speak it into existence and watch the happiness appear.

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