The Meaning of Colors.

Paint Samples.jpg

Have you ever been confused on what color to paint a certain room or what color home decorations you would like to add to a room? This seems simple but is a crucial decision to make in ones home. Picking a color for a room could either make or break the flow you hope to obtain. Today we have provided some color psychology to help you decide on what vibe your room should present.



The color red is the most intense color in the selection of colors we have listed today. Red symbolizes boldness, excitement, passion desire and energy. Red would be a great color for a mans cave or an entryway as a conversation starters. It gives out a unique artsy vibe as well. Not to mention a bold red front door is always inviting. This color would definitely make a lasting first impression on your guests.


purple living room

Purple is such a dramatic yet elegant color. A dark purple room would give off a luxury, royal, sophisticated vibe and a soft purple will give off a more relaxing magical touch. Dark purple would be great for a formal living room and a soft purple would be great for a reading nook or a little girls room.


Orange workout room

Orange is another great color that gives our a energy vibe. The color orange helps your mood become cheerful and gives you a certain stimulation. This color would be ideal for a gym and/or a crafts room. Get those creative juices flowing.


Yellow Kitchen

Another lit color that creatives an energy sense. Yellow is a great color to lifts a person spirits. It gives you a sense of summer, which also gives you feel of comfort, happiness, and liveliness. Yellow is an awesome color for a kitchen where you can have great morning conversations with your family and a splash of yellow in your bathroom is sure to perk you right up. When life hands you lemons, splash the colors on your wall.


Green Dining Room

Green is my favorite color. It can give you so many different emotions. A soft sage green gives you a spa like feel which gives out relaxing, nature, spring like auras. A dark green can give you a harmony, optimism and fresh sense. The color green helps relieve stress which one make this a great color for the bedroom and the warmth of green would be great for a farmhouse dining room.


Blue Bathroom

If you are looking for a peaceful, cool and conservative theme room, then blue is your color. The color blue comes in many shades. You could go soft with a blue periwinkle, a bright cyan blue and could even go dark with a navy blue. The choice is yours. The color blue would go great in a bathroom and kitchen.


White Living room 2

Last but not least, you could never go wrong with simple neutral colors. Black, white, gray and browns are a great base color. You can do a nice white room color with brown accents or a nice soft gray color with black accents. When deciding on going neutral but unsure which one to pick think of these options as tools. White symbolizes cleanliness and purity. Black showcases elegance and power. Brown is more of an earthy and causal color scheme. And last but not least, gray (the new black) gives a touch of seriousness and traditional but could also be sophisticated and modern. You could not go wrong with any of these colors as a started point. And they go well with any of the colors mention in this post wonderfully.


If you are the type of person that has more than one color in mine and cant choose between the two, why not mix them together. Tur your bedroom into a calm spa like oasis by mixing blue and green together and make a soft teal color. Or mix grey and black together for that teen boy bedroom and make a smoky charcoal gray. You can even mix orange and yellow together and get a summer splash fiesta color for that crafts room. The choices are limitless.

Teal bedroom


The beauty in all of this is nothing is permanent. So even if you mess up or change your mood one season, then you can always change your color themes. Take a dip in the colors and paint away!

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