Decluttering Your Closet the Carrie Bradshaw Way.

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One of my FAVORITE movies and TV show is Sex and the City. One of the best scenes was when Carrie and Mr. Big decided to move in together and Carrie Bradshaw had to clean out her apartments closet for the next big move in her life. This closet housed years of vintage and not so vintage items of clothing that she bought throughout her adult life when she moved to New York City. That scene inspired me to make a blog on ways to declutter your closet, the Carrie Bradshaw way!

carrie shoes

Step One: Get Inspired.

carries in closet

Take this time to analyze the closet. See what you have to work with. Is it only clothes and shoes or do you have accessories and household items that is tucked away in there? You can tell just by looking at your closet to see how long this mission will take. Once we determine if this is going to be a simple and quick or a long and exhausted experience will determine if you need to make a phone call.

Step Two: Time To Call In The Reinforcements!

drinks and girls

That’s right! Call your girls. This is the PERFECT time to have a girls chat while you go through what to take and what to toss! Not to mention you have a free staff that can help you pack and ship while paying them in drinks and great conversations.

Step Three: Strike A Pose!!!

carrie strikes

Oh yes, its time to give those models a run for their money hunty. Grab an outfit and model it out. This will determine if it is worth keeping or needs to be sent to the donation drive quickly! Turn the music up, grab your girls and some drinks and go at it! At the end of it all, at least have fun doing this mighty chore.

Step Four: Sort And Pack It Up.

carrie boxes

Now we need to choose what we are keeping and what we have tossed. Place each items in a keep pile and toss pile. Go through each pile and sort it by category. Have a section for clothes, shoes, purses, belts and other accessories. Don’t forget the sticky notes!!! This step will help you organize your cluttered closet and help you do some “spring cleaning” as well. Take your toss items and donate them to family members or an organization like Goodwill and Salvation Army.  You could also receive a tax write off when you file your taxes and that is always beneficial. You could also locate some homeless shelters and/or Women and Men Centers that could use the clothes where people can pick up your items for free. Its a win win for all.

Step Five: Most Crucial Step!

Sex-City shopping

This is the most important step. Once you clean out your closet, you will see huge gaps and feel a little sadden. Don’t be! This is a great excuse to go…… SHOPPING! That’s right, out with the old in with the new. Take this time to go out and shop and add more to your closet. Just make sure to keep everything organized when you add it to your closet. Your credit card might not thank you but your self does. Go out and treat yourself for a hard day of work. Oh and when you go shopping, don’t forget the girls.

There you have it! Decluttering your closet the Carrie Bradshaw way.

“Shopping is my cardio” ~Carrie Bradshaw

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