Summer Tip: Keeping Bugs Away

With the climate temperatures increasing, we want to be able to enjoy the outdoors. Whether its sitting outside on your patio/balcony, opening your window for a cool breeze or even driving down the street with your windows down, there is one dilemma at hand: Bugs!

Who else HATES bugs! Raise your hands. Anything that is small enough to get my hair freaks me out. If you are like me, here are a few plants that you can have around your home to keep the bugs at bay.



Not only does Lavender petals smell AMAZIIINNGG and sends out a calming affect over one’s personal space it can help keep away moths, fleas, flies and mosquitoes.



Basil is a great garnish for your pasta dinners that you make for your family. Who would have guess it could also keep mosquitoes and houseflies away? This is definitely an herb you should keep on your kitchen counters.



Bring on the sunshine with this bright color and amazing scented plant. While you are enjoying your tea and sunshine, you wont have to worry about any mosquitoes or aphids swarming around you. Cheers to that!



For all my cat lovers out there. I have a treat for you! Here’s a two for one plant. Catnip not only can help calm your cat down when eaten, it can also keep those pesky mosquitoes away! Fair Warning….. Don’t let your cats smell the catnip unless you want an irate feline watching your every moves.



I absolutely love the scent and taste of peppermint! This is a great garnish for your teas, adult beverages and healing remedies. This plant can also keep away mosquitoes, ants, bees and SPIDERS!!! Guess I will have this close to my doors and vents. Keep away the bugs and give out a great minty scent.



Another treat for my animal lovers. Rosemary is a great plant to keep away fleas and ticks. Make sure you get a couple of these plants for your home. Your animals will thank you!

There you have it. 6 plants that will keep your home bug free. Enjoy and have some fun in the sun!!!

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