5 Simple Ways To Make Your Apartment Look Larger.

Here are a few steps to make your small apartment space larger than life.

Light Paint Colors

White Living Room (paint)Photo Credit

This is a simple tip. Bright colors give the illusion of space so the lighter the color the better. You can never go wrong with white or a soft cream to grey color for your walls and decor.

Less is Best

Picture 039Photo Credit

Lets try to hid some of those unnecessary items that doesn’t need to be seen everyday like small appliances. By simply creating hidden storages you will not only have a place to hold your items but you will also have more room to play. The latest fab is converting your small closet into a home office.

Goodbye Drapes

shutter blindsPhoto Credit

Lets put away those heavy drapes and let the natural sunlight appear through your window. If you are in need of coverage, invest in some sunlight efficient blinds that way you can keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter as well as keep out the nosy neighbors.

Reflecting Your Area

big mirror

Photo Credit

Mirrors gives the sense of space due to the light reflecting off it. Place a mirror in spaces that you want to give the sense of large room like your living room, hallway/entry way and bedroom.

Simple Furniture

Pouf Living room

Photo Credit

Last but not least, furniture. If you keep your furniture simple and small, you will have more room in your home. Opt out those bulky chairs for some adorable poufs/ottomans or use cube storages instead of dressers for the bedroom. These small furniture pieces will bring a simplicity to your home while still being desirable.


With this in mind, you will turn that small 500 sq. ft. apartment into a massive home in no time. Keep on creating!

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