Top 10 Spring Must Have Accessories

You can always tell when the winter is coming to an end and spring is approaching. The sun is out a little earlier, the cold wind turns into a crisp chill, the colors are starting to appear and your peers mood is brighter.


Lets get a jump start on your home décor by looking at the top 10 must haves for your spring home accessories:

Bright Colored Accent Pillows

accent pillows1

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Nothing says spring like bright colors. When decorating your home,  you always want to go with the current season. So pack up those huge comfy dark colored pillows and swamp them out for some bright and appealing décor pillows. These pillows can go on your couch, chairs, bedroom, dining room and even your home entrance. Anywhere the sun can hit it and brighten up your home.

New Welcome Mat

spring time mat

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Time to throw out that saggy winter mat and welcome your guest to an inviting welcome mat when they visit your home. Your mat is the first thing a person will see before entering your home, why not make it stand out. If you can’t find a mat of your liking you can always make your own. Check out this simple diy on how to décor a welcome mat for your home:

Scented Candles


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Powdery cotton, Herbal or Floral are the BEST spring time scented candles you can enjoy. The aroma gives you a perky feeling and helps as a pick me upper for those rainy days. Feature your candle on your night stand, coffee table and entry way table to give your home a great lingering scent throughout your home.

Some Greenery


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Give your home some life! Plants are not only a great statement piece it can also help promote better health by removing the toxins in the air out of your home. We as human beings breathe in oxygen and release carbon dixode, plants breathes in carbon dixode and releases oxygen. At the end, humans and plants need each other to survive.

Fresh Flowers Weekly

fresh yellow tulips on kitchen background. 3d rendering

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Treat yourself to some fresh flowers every week or bi weekly. Flowers adds not only a touch of spring to your home but a great accent piece to each room.

Simplicity is Key

entryway simple

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Spring time brings colors back into our worlds but that doesn’t mean you have to embrace all the colors at one time. White is the brightest color of them all and keeping simple touches to your home brings out the bold color and creates a statement piece.

Blanket Throwers

cable knit thrower

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Survival of those rainy nights to come is a hot cup of tea and a comfortable blanket thrower. Cable Knit Throwers are the new must have item for your home. It not only keeps you warm it gives your home a farmhouse chic to it as well.

Floral Wreath


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Another great first impression home accessory that can welcome spring is applying a floral arrange wreath on your front door. This simple accessory could be bought or you can put your creative juices to flow and create your own DIY Wreath. Make sure to check out my DIY Lemon Wreath that is a great addition to add to your home for the spring at

New Patio Set


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If you stay in a home or apartment with a patio, you should definitely invest in some patio furniture before spring comes. This hidden paradise is a great seat for you to witness how beautiful the earth is in the spring time and for you to get that good crisp breeze without having to leave your home. If you do not have a patio, place a small seating arrangement in front of a window where you too can enjoy these special perks mother natures provides us.

Mud Room Station


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Even though spring time is beautiful it can also be a wet muddy mess. If you have the space and finances, a mud room is a great way to keep your home clean, organized and dry! There are plenty of DIY on making your own Mudroom. You can also go the affordable route and placing coat wall hooks, a mat for wet shoes, a bench and an umbrella holder towards the front or back entrance. This is something simple that you could remove after spring time or leave up all year round.

Lets all say goodbye winter and HELLO SPRING!


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