5 Essentials for your Makeup Vanity

Every since I was a little girl, I was intrigued by makeup. I mean lipsticks are just adult crayons that you put on your face in a six year olds mind. My mother informed me to embrace my natural beauty and to only add hints of makeup to brighten my natural glow and not mask it. However, she did NOT tell me that there are hundreds of thousands of makeup products to choose from. Now that I am an adult, I understand what she meant and since I’m growing more and more into makeup I notice that I need a place to place all my items (no longer invading my purses!) Being the organized person I am, I have appreciated a sense of simple yet attractive décor. After researching many makeup blogs and photos, I realize…. People have WAY TOO MUCH stuff on their makeup counters. So here I have pointed out 5 essentials for your makeup vanity that will not only bring a attractive décor appeal to your room but also help you keep your products nice and tidy.

A big unique mirror. With a big mirror you will be able to see the whole picture (yourself) when it comes time to do your makeup. Also choose a unique mirror style. This unique style will bring an added a touch of you to the room.

Makeup Mirror 1.JPG

Photo: Flip & Style

Lighting, Lighting & more Lighting. Lighting is a MAJOR deal when it comes to doing your makeup. The is one of thee most necessities to have in your makeup room. You should place your makeup vanity close to natural lighting. That way you will be able to give your face the best look possible. If natural lighting is not available, you can add some LED lights to your mirror so even at night you will be able to apply your makeup. Place artificial lighting facing you directly so you do not have a case of mistaken shadows when applying your makeup.

Natural Light

Photo: Genevieve Garruppo

Storage is a requirement. You seriously can NOT have a functional makeup vanity without the proper storage compartments around you. Even with limited space you can have a vanity with built in drawers like the Ikea Alex Drawers or you can DIY it yourself by adding some cube storage units right next to your makeup table. You should also have special placement for your products. Foundation with foundation, lipstick with lipstick, etc….

Makeup Storage

Photo: The Beauty Acct

Flowers makes everything so much better. This is a simple trick to do in almost every room. Add a bouquet of fresh flowers to your makeup vanity. This simple treat will not only bring a pleasant fragrance to your room but it will uplift your mood and allow some tranquility to come over you while you try out that tricky contour look.


Photo: Moth Design

The best seat in the house. That’s right! Besides your couch and bed, the best seat in the house should be your makeup chair. You will (depending on your skill set) spend hours in this chair so its only right to make it the most comfortable chair in your home. Not only should it be comfortable, it should have some style to it as well.


Photo: The Fab Classy Chic

There you have it, 5 essentials for your makeup vanity. Here you will stay tidy and GORG at the same time. Stay beautiful!

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