Top 10 things you should have on your nightstand.

Clutter nightstand? Well here are some items that are must haves for your nightstand. Lets get rid of those unneeded items and revamp your living space.

Here are the top 10 things you should have on your nightstand.


Reading Lamp

Having a lamp next to your bed is a must have. This simple device will help you with nightly routines, reading and those occasional mishaps in the middle of the night where you are awaken from a sound or if you have to use the restroom. Your lamp can be stylish as well as convenient. In my room, I have a gold reading lamp that faces down. This lamp is perfect for me because the light is facing on a downward angle (protects my eyes from a flash of direct brightness to the eyeball) and is simple, chic and a statement maker.

Notebook w/ Pen

You should always have a notebook and pen next to your bed in case a thought comes to you and needs to be noted before you forget it. It could be an inspiring thought, a must have from your shopping that you plan on doing the next morning or a list of your goals that you would like to look at every night for inspirations. Everyone doesn’t have a photographic memory, so it is a good thing to have a tool that is within arm distant from you when the magic starts to happen.

Water Bottle/Glass of Water

Cotton mouth is the worst! Stop getting up in the middle of night, staggering and knocking into stuff trying to get a glass of water from the kitchen. Instead, you can have a easy accessible bottle or glass of water next to your bed for those night time thirst.

Phone Charging Station

Who doesn’t have a cellphone? Now a days your cellphone is your life! It has your important information on it, its a quick access to texting your friends, calling your mother, playing video games before bed or even reading a book. I use my cellphone as my alarm clock as well as my flashlight. Having a cellphone that has these features helps minimize clutter on your table. It is best to have a good charging system for your cellphone right next to your bed. That way your phone is charged and ready to go each morning.


Candles can set a relaxing mood to any room, especially one that has a good throw scent to it. I make my own candle (which is called Candles By CT and located on Etsy).  The simple mason jar look gives my room a simple yet chic look that I absolutely love!


Décor Piece

Add a piece of décor to bring the flow of your nightstand together. Your piece could be flowers in a vase, a waterfall feature, a plant, or even a photo of your love ones. Any piece to help tie your room décor together is ideal.

Dish For Your Jewelry

A simple round dish is great for those miscellaneous pieces of jewelry you forgot to take off. That way when you wake up in the morning you can put it back on or put it back in their correct spot.

Lip Balm or Vaseline

Lets say no to chap lips. Dry lips is a horrible way to go to bed and wake up. Lets keep those lips moisturized, especially in the winter months.


This is a simple but much needed item to have on your nightstand. A small box of tissue on your nightstand helps you again from searching for tissue in the middle of the night.

Pair of Headsets

Sometimes you want to drown out the world and having a nice headset can help you accomplish that goal, well at least temporarily. Use your headsets when you’re watching TV from your phone, relaxing in bed listening to Bruno Mars with your facial mask on, or even listening to smooth jazz when reading your electronic book from your cellphone or tablet. You can charge those Beats Headset right next to your cellphone if needed.

By minimizing unwanted items you will have a clutter free nightstand and convenience right on the side of your bed.


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