Affordable Wall Art

I wanted to add a simple yet unique feature in my dining room. Our theme here is Farmhouse style with a Modern twist.



To start, you have to gather up the supplies that you need.


Here I used 5 frames from Dollar Tree


A holder from Christmas Store


Some chalk paint from Walmart (I used this in a previous project).


A  paint brush, and some super glue and E6000 glue.

Glue, Brush & Paint

I started off by removing the glass and back section from each frame and pushed the frames holder pins back so it wasn’t visible and can lay on the wall flat.

Empty Frame (2).JPG

I then placed thin strokes of paint to cover the entire frame and allow to dry before I placed a second coat on.

Once dried, I place the 4 frames 2.5 to 3 inches apart horizontally and vertically.

Frame Measured

Apply slightly heavy containers on top of each frame to make sure it doesn’t move when you start to glue products together.

I took the final frame and put the glass back in it and push the back frame holders unto the glass to keep it from falling out.

I place that frame on top of the other frames 6.5 to 7 inches in length and height from each frame that is laid down to center the main (5th) frame before adding the holder.

Once position correctly, I added a dab of E6000 glue (no bigger than a dime) to each part of the frame connecting the 5th frame to the other frames that are laid down.

Glue pieces together

Next I added E6000 glue to the back of the holder and make sure it was center by measuring 2.5/3 in height and 5 inch in length on all sides of the glass to make sure the holder is centered. I later realized the E600 glue wasn’t holding the holder to the glass firmly for me, so I added some super glue (also purchased from the Dollar Tree). Within a few minutes the holder was attached and solid.

Drying Product

I allowed this project to dry completely over night before hanging it up.



The final product came out great. You can add a flameless tea light candle or flowers to it to add an extra spice to the wall art. This is the first product to my Farmhouse Dining Room with a Modern twist.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!! Creativity doesn’t cost anything. Create, design and inspire others.

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