Organized Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Full ViewStorage organization is a must in any home. When it comes to your day to day tasks, being organize will make your routines much easier. Having spots in your home organized is easy, maintaining it is the hard part. This site will help you along the way of having an organized home and tips on how to maintain it. First, lets start small by organizing the cabinet under your kitchen sink. If you have limited space in your cabinet for storage, don’t freak out! There are many ways to organize your cabinets that will be beneficial for you. Come take this journey with me to show you how to organize your dull cabinets for maximum coverage with a few simple items.

First take a look at your cabinet under your kitchen sink. View the space and determine how much room you have to work with. Check for pipes, bulky items, uneven surfaces, etc… that can hinder your storage space. Once you have determine the amount of space you have to work with, you’re on to the step, which is the best step. SHOPPING!!!!!

Undersink Before

You can choose what ever store you would like that is convenient for you. In my case, I choose Target and Dollar Tree. I only looked for items that were $10.00 and under to save money and make this project affordable as well as chic.




I decided to stop at Dollar Tree first to retrieve items that I could use and have Target as my last stop. That way I got all I could at the most affordable store before I shopped at the most expensive store out of my selection. Here are the items I purchased:

Dollar Tree:

  1. Shoe box container.
  2. Two soda can plastic dispenser.
  3. Garbage disposal tablets.
  4. Dry magic erasers.


  1. Cabinet shelf liner (the foam kind).
  2. Four stackable plastic containers (2 small and 2 medium).
  3. Bar Mop Towel Set (comes in a set of 4, I cut them in half and made 8 towels).
  4. My cleaning supplies which includes: All purpose Method Spray, Method Granite Spray, Method Degreaser Spray, Dish Detergent, Stainless Steel Wipes, Clorox Disinfected Wipes, Force Flex Garbage Bags, Scotch Brite Greener Cleaner Pads, Baking Soda and Finish Dishwasher Tabs.

When I returned home, I cleared everything I had out of my cabinet and wipe down the shelf. I cut the shelf liner(the foam kind) to fit on top of the shelf. Once that was completed, I position my shoe box container, stackable canisters and soda can trays in the cabinet to have a visual of how everything I bought can fit in this small space. I placed the stackable canisters in front of my garbage disposal to not only hide part of it but also because I wouldn’t have to worry about anything fallen underneath the disposal if I reach down and knock it over. I place all of my cleaning supplies for my kitchen that I use on a daily bases underneath my kitchen sink. This way I have easy access and a clear visual of what I am running low on when I need to buy more products. The final look came out amazing!

Undersink After (2)








Organizing your kitchen cabinet not only has a pleasing visual presentation, it cuts back frustration of misplaced items and helps the flow of daily tasks become simple. A large amount of money to invest in your home is a great perk but isnt a necessaity. You can design your dream home on a budget. All it takes is a bit of creativity and patience. Its your dime, be creative!

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